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Ways to Slow the Progression of Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure

2015-05-05 02:47

Ways to Slow the Progression of Stage 3 Chronic Kidney FailureIn clinic, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is divided into five stages. Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure is characterized by moderate kidney damage. Left untreated, it may develop into Kidney Failure. This article is about ways to slow the progression of Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure. Any questions, please email to us at or leave a message below.

Follow a kidney-friendly diet

Since the kidneys cannot filter waste and toxins, patients are required to limit some foods if they will burden the kidneys. In that case, patients with Stage 3 CKD should reduce fluid and sodium intake. Foods rich in protein should also be limited, but high-quality protein foods like egg white, lean meat and fish are good for patients. In some case, potassium and phosphorous need to be reduced in diet since damaged kidneys cannot excrete these minerals.


If patients have a history of high blood pressure, diabetes or infection. Medicines are necessary to control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and slow down the progression of kidney disease. Consult your doctor about the dosage in case of side effects of overdose.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is an external application used in bilateral Shenshu acupoints (kidney area). After micronization, the traditional Chinese medicines are put into two bags that will be soaked with medical fluid. Connected with the osmotic device, the effective ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly, with patient’s lying on the bags.

The main effect of this method is to improve blood circulation so that kidneys can get enough blood volume and oxygen to function adequately. This is the key to treat Stage 3 Chronic Kidney Failure patients. Since it is more effective and natural for kidney disease patients, it becomes more and more popular around the world. Welcome your consultation!

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