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What Is Kidney Disease Stage 3b

2014-07-23 10:09

What Is Kidney Disease Stage 3bIn clinic, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is divided into five stages according to the GFR (glomerular filtration rate). The lower rate, the more severe CKD is. The five stages are described below.

Stage 1: the GFR is normal (over 90ml/min), but other testing shows evidence of kidney damage

Stage 2: the GFR has decreased slightly (60-89ml/min), and there is other evidence of kidney damage.

If you are diagnosed with stage one or stage two CKD, it is recommended you have annual GFR tests so the progression of the condition can be carefully monitored.

Stage 3: This stage is divided into stage 3a and stage 3b. In stage 3a, the GFR has decreased mildly (45-59dl/min) and in stage 3b it has decreased moderately (30-44dl/min). Further testing should be carried out every six months.

Stage 4: the GFR has decreased severely (15-29dl/min). By this time, it is possible you will be experiencing symptoms of CKD. Further testing should be carried out every three months.

Stage 5: the kidneys have lost almost all of their function (an eGFR of below 15), which is known as established renal failure. Further testing should be carried out every six weeks.

Treatment for stage 3b Chronic Kidney Disease patients

As mentioned above, the kidney has been moderately damaged, some complications of kidney disease such as high blood pressure, anemia (a shortage of red blood cells) and/or early bone disease. In addition, symptoms like fatigue, swelling (edema), urination changes, kidney pain, sleep problems, and itchy skin, etc will also occur.

Therefore, treatment is to control the symptoms and treat complications. In addition to eating right and taking prescribed medicines, exercise regularly and eating healthily are helpful for slow the progression of stage 3b of kidney disease.

However, the most important is to improve the kidney function, because it can solve the underlying problems. For that purpose, you can gain some suggestions from us. Contact us by emailing to or leave a message below.

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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