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During the treatment of kidney disease, the change of urine is an important indicator of renal function and also an important factor affecting the development of the disease. The early observation of urine in nephropathy can reveal traces

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Three Urine Changes Means Your Kidney Condition Is Improving

2018-11-06 03:45

Three Urine Changes Means Your Kidney Condition Is ImprovingDuring the treatment of kidney disease, the change of urine is an important indicator of renal function and also an important factor affecting the development of the disease. The early observation of urine in nephropathy can reveal traces of renal function damage. And many patients detect kidney disease after finding abnormal urine or problems in urinary routine during physical examination.

The presence of these signals in urine indicates impaired renal function, and prompt detection and treatment is key to avoiding kidney failure:

A lot of foam in urine

The kidney is an important switch for the management of urine. The impurities in the body are filtered through the glomeruli and reabsorbed by the renal tubules, and finally form urine to pass out. Under normal circumstances, 97 percent of urine is water, with only trace amounts of protein and other substances. However, after kidney function damage, glomeruli and renal tubules are damaged, and impurities such as excess protein leak out, resulting in the formation of urine foam.

Too much or too little urine

Normal urine volume per person per day is between 1000 and 2000ml, and too much or too little is a sign of renal dysfunction. More than 2500ml was diuresis, mainly manifested as increased nocturnal urine, indicating problems in renal tubules. Less than 400ml is oliguria, which means the kidney basically stops working, resulting in the inability to discharge toxins in the body and causing uremia.

Above these 2 kinds of urine changes are the most intuitionistic, which indicates that kidney function appears slight damage at least, so you should go to see doctors as early as possible. For kidney patients, during the treatment, there is also foamy urine, urine volume changes and so on. Foamy urine is usually proteinuria, and massive proteinuria can lead to kidney basement membrane pore increasing, and renal function worse and worse, and the worse kidney function will further reduce the amount of urine, and the accumulation of toxin and the higher the indicators will also accelerate uremia.

To improve urine conditions, the key is to control the factors that affect the progression of renal function, such as proteinuria, hypertension, infection, and drug use. So to what extent is urine controlled can the prognosis be not too bad?

Urine protein is controlled under 1g for long-term

Proteinuria is a direct product of renal impairment and a key indicator of accelerated renal function deterioration. Long-term maintenance of low proteinuria levels is the basis of stable disease. For most kidney diseases, when proteinuria is under 1g, kidney function is not too bad. To lower proteinuria, besides taking steroids and immunosuppressants, you should adhere to a well-managed diet, especially a low-salt and low amount of high quality protein.

Urine volume is maintained at over 1000 ml for a long time

Urine volume above 1000 ml indicates stable renal function. The most important role of urine production is detoxification, so it must be maintained. Usually, the renal function of patients with uremia stage is damaged by 90%, and the urine volume is reduced significantly or even the occurrence of oliguria. Not all people with impaired renal function have less urine, but the key to maintaining urine is to protect the renal tissue of the glomeruli and renal tubules, and to make sure they work.

Changes in urine color and impurities

In the early stage of kidney disease, hematuria is easy to occur, mainly because there is an inflammatory reaction in the kidney so that the red blood cells in the blood are broken and leaked into the urine. Timely inhibiting the renal inflammatory response and controlling the rupture of red blood cells can help treat hematuria well. In addition, when kidney function is damaged, less toxins are excreted, and urine tends to be clearer and free of impurities. After controlling inflammation and repairing partial renal function in a timely manner, the urine will appear turbid for a period of time, which indicates that renal function has been improved and toxins in the body are discharged.

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Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease

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