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Foot Pain with Kidney Disease: Causes and Treatment

2017-10-29 08:40

Foot Pain with Kidney Disease

Not a few kidney patients suffer from foot pain. In some severe cases, they can not walk normally. Do you know what causes foot pain? And how to treat it properly?

Causes of foot pain for kidney patients

-It may be a manifestation of bone disease. Because of high phosphorus level in blood, diet restriction, vitamin D deficiency and other factors, renal patients are easy to get bone disease. It can make you have pain on foot and other places.

-It may be associated with high uric acid level. The damaged kidneys can not filter excess uric acid from the blood, so those uric acid builds up in the blood and deposits in the joints. When they lodge on your feet, you will have foot pain.

-It may result from foot swelling. Heavy foot swelling may you feel pain as well.

Treatment of foot pain for kidney patients

You can supplement calcium to strengthen your bones. You can also take anti-inflammation medications to reduce joint inflammation so as to relieve the pain. Besides, you can also use diuretics to flush out the excess fluid. If the pain is very severe, painkillers can also be applied to ease the pain.

However, the above treatments are only stopgap measures. If you would like to treat it from the root, you had better recover your kidney function. Here we suggest you take a comprehensive treatment, for example, Toxin-Removing Treatment. It takes advantage of various Chinese medicine therapies to make internal environment good for kidney self-healing and other medication application. After a short period of treatment, your foot pain will disappear. After a long period of treatment, your renal function will increase gradually. With the promotion of renal function, all discomforts will vanish.

Foot pain is a common symptom of kidney disease. If you also have such a symptom, you should find out the cause timely and then take corresponding measures, but only when you recover your kidney function can you get rid of these discomforts. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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