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How Does Horseshoe Kidney Cause Hematuria

2015-02-07 06:22

How Does Horseshoe Kidney Cause HematuriaHorseshoe kidneys is a congenital disorder. It occurs in about one in 500 children. Horseshoe kidney forms as the kidneys move into their normal position in the flank area. Well then, how does horseshoe kidney cause hematuria?


Hematuria means the amount of red blood cells are more than normal. Among kidney disease patients, they experience hematuria usually caused by glomerulonephritis. Horseshoe kidney cause kidney damage, leading to inflammation of the kidneys’ filtering units, namely, glomeruli. As a result, red blood cells can pass through kidneys and removed with urine.


Horseshoe kidneys in themselves do not require any treatment, and patients have normal life expectancy. Hematuria means the normal kidney function has been decreased. Therefore, the key of treatment should be repairing the damaged renal tissues, so as to enhance kidney function. For that purpose, I recommend you to take Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

● Maikang Composition

This is an oral Chinese herbal decoction. Our experts choose Chinese medicines that can expand blood vessels to improve blood circulation and promote Qi. This is the first step of repairing damaged renal tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy is not a simple Chinese medicine but a composition of hundreds of herbs. These herbs are micronized and soaked with medical fluid. Then, the bags are put under patients’ Shenshu acupoint. With osmotic device, the effective ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly. They can unlock the energy pathways, thus increasing the absorption of oral medicines.

Foot Bath

This natural therapy has been proved to be very effective for treating kidney disease. There are many meridians on feet. The medical fluid can stimulate these acupoints, and increase urine flow. Therefore, the kidneys can get enough blood volume and oxygen to repair themselves.

The above therapies help each other to play effects on horseshoe kidneys. As long as kidney function can be improved, red blood cells leakage will reduce. Many other symptoms can be completely relieved.

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