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Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

2018-04-20 04:11

There are always some people to say that all kidney diseases go into uremia. Is it right? In fact, as long as you keep on these 8 methods, you can keep uremia far away.

There are no bones in the kidney. It is made up of over 2 million nephrons. And each nephron consists of a renal capsule and a renal tubule. Those nephrons work very hard. Sometimes due to hard work, one nephron may be dead, but the additional one will take over the work. Therefore, you won’t feel any discomfort when one nephron dies. But when more and more nephrons are damaged, symptoms will gradually present. If a wide range of nephrons are killed, dew kidney function is left.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

You may hear a lot of renal patients say that: as long as it is kidney disease, it will go to uremia.

A pessimist may feel that since there is no cure for this disease, why not save the money?

In fact, these words are right, but you do not get its right meaning.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

Because the deceased nephrons can not be resurrected, when one after another nephrons go to die, uremia will appear. But this does not mean it can not be treated. You can minimize kidney damage to the maximum. In this way, you can slow down the progression of kidney failure and keep uremia away. Then what to do?

1. To control blood pressure

High blood pressure is definitely a risky factor for the progression of renal disease. Kidney itself has the function of regulating blood pressure. When it is damaged, blood pressure increases. High blood pressure can directly accelerate the deterioration of the kidney disease, making the risk of uremia significantly increase. Therefore, it is helpful for you to monitor blood pressure and take anti-hypertensive medicine on time.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

2. To control blood sugar level

Sugar is the main source of energy in body. When the body can not break down blood sugar, and blood sugar level is not controlled well, excess sugar will become metabolic waste and be passed out by kidneys so as to put extra stress on kidneys. Over time, it will cause uremia. Diabetics should pay special attention to this point.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

3. To attach importance to serum creatinine level early

If serum creatinine is at a normal range or slightly elevated stage and it remains stable when you find out kidney disease, it means your disease is still in early stage, and it can be treated well. Do not miss the best time for treatment. If your creatinine level has been very high, pay attention to the influence of drugs to creatinine level, and take treatment as early as possible to prevent further kidney damage.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

4. To refuse the thought of “you are what you eat”

Sometimes we think that since our kidneys are damaged, we should supplement something, so we buy a lot of health care products or tonic. In fact, this is wrong.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

5. Appropriate restriction on food

Kidney patients should follow a low salt and low protein diet. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Meat can be eaten, but its amount should be less than 100g. But remember that too much is as bad as too little. Do not refuse to eat anything, which mean cause malnutrition and worsen your condition.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

6. Regular checkups

For some renal patients, once they go home, their disease comes back. That is because there is no monitor at home, and then you do not pay attention any more. No matter how well you control your proteinuria, blood pressure and renal function, regular checkups can help you know clear your condition and take measure quickly.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

7. Do not taper, change or stop medicine without the instruction of doctors.

Some patients taper steroids due to the various side effects. Some patients stop medicines when their proteinuria turns negative and they get well. Some patients think their current treatment is not effective, so they change it. No matter which kind of renal patients you are, do not do it any more. Follow your doctor’s advice.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

8. To be optimistic and avoid being affected by negative emotions.

Under same treatment, optimistic patients get better effect the pessimistic ones. Therefore, to keep positive emotion at any time.

Do All Kidney Diseases Go into Uremia

Not all kidney patients go into uremia. For more information on kidney disease treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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