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What Is the Effect of Lactose Milk on CKD Patients

2014-12-27 03:07

What Is the Effect of Lactose Milk on CKD PatientsNormally lactose milk are not recommended due to its high level of sugar. For CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) patients, they are also not suggested to drink lactose milk. Why?

Effects of lactose milk on CKD patients

Milk is a high-quality protein source for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Lactose account up 3.6%—5.5%. The lactose within milk can help to regulate gastric acids and promote gastrointestinal motility and secretions in digestive glands. However, some metabolic products of lactose are discharged by the kidneys. Since the kidneys have been damaged, they cannot filter wastes adequately. If you drink lactose milk, your kidneys have to work harder and can be further damaged.

Therefore, in case of aggravation of illness condition, you’d better not drink lactose milk. Soy milk and nondairy creamer, rice milk and almond milk can also be taken as alternatives, but you should read the label of the potassium and phosphorous levels. Consult your doctor for suggestions. Or you can email to for some alternative dairy products that can be drunk for CKD patients.

Other considerations

Since Chronic Kidney Disease develops over years, it is not easy to be treated. Attention only on diet is far from enough. Sometimes, medicines are necessary to control some symptoms and prevent Kidney Failure. Well then, what medicines should you take? Over-the-counter medicines are easy to get but always bring you adverse effects, especially when taken with long term or large dosage.

Therefore, I recommend you to take natural Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Since the medicines are herbs that come from the nature, they can work in a mild way. What’s more, we have innovated sever therapies such as Cycle Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine  Osmotherapy and Medicated Bath, etc to help patients improve blood circulation so that oral medicines can be fully absorbed. By this way, symptoms can be completely relieved, and damaged renal tissues can be repaired. Therefore, remaining kidney function can be protected and enhanced. That’s the key of treating Chronic Kidney Disease.

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