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Side Effects of Cheese Pudding on Kidney Disease Patients

2014-09-23 09:50

Side Effects of Cheese Pudding on Kidney Disease PatientsSince kidney is the filter of wastes and toxins in the body, it plays an important role of our body. When it is damaged, it cannot work normally. Under such condition, kidney disease patients are required to limit their food intake.

Side effects of cheese pudding on kidney disease patients?

In general, dairy products are rich in phosphorous level which is very dangerous for kidney disease patients since the damaged kidneys have failed to maintain the electrolyte balance.

Therefore, if your blood test show a high phosphorous level, you’d better stay away from cheese pudding.

Other dietary suggestions for kidney disease patients

● Limit your sodium intake

Read the nutrition label of the foods, especially processed foods, canned foods, snacks, nuts and meats, in case of too much sodium intake.

● Control protein intake

In general. 0.6g-0.8g protein is recommended for kidney disease patients. You can consult doctors online for specific suggestions.

● Take water in moderate amount

If you do not have swelling, you can drink plenty of water. This can increase urine output so that the kidney can remove excessive wastes and toxins.

However, is your kidneys are mildly or moderately damaged, you should limit water intake.

● Take more fresh vegetables and fruits

This cannot meet your needs of nutrition but can help you fight againt infection and coagulation. Lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, cranberry, blackberry, pomegranate, kiwi, etc are good for kidney disease patients. For more suggestions, you can email to

● Keep a healthy life habit

Avoid alcohol, smoking, caffeine are helpful for your kidneys.

The above are suggestion for general patients. You can do as the listed above. However, diet control is far from enough to treat the kidney disease. Timely and appropriate treatment is the most important.

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