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Is It OK For a Patient of CKD to Have Cauliflower and Cabbage

2014-09-04 08:22

Is It OK For a Patient of CKD to Have Cauliflower and CabbageAs the old saying goes in China “A closed mouth catches no flies”. If we do not pay attention to what we eat or drink, we may get sick due to wrong diet. People with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) should keep a restricted diet. Is it OK for a patient of CKD to have cauliflower and cabbage? Follow me to find the answer.

Effects of cauliflower and cabbage for CKD patients


Except for abundant vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, rich benzpyrole and thiocyanate are also found in cauliflowers. These substances are all good for eliminating wastes and toxins in the body, thus reducing the burden on the kidneys. The best way to consume cauliflower is to take the boiled type with peppers and salt. Do not eat too much salt that will damage your kidneys.


As one of the super vegetables for persons with Chronic Kidney Disease, cabbage is so popular among them since it contains rich vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene. The total amount is three times more than tomatoes. Several phytochemicals can help with elimination of free radicals. For those who have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on dialysis, they are recommended to take more cabbages.

Now, you can see that persons with Chronic Kidney Disease are OK to take cauliflower and cabbages.

Dietary guidance for people with Chronic Kidney Disease

1. Low salt intake

This is the basic requirement for them since high level of sodium in the blood will raise the blood pressure and cause swelling.

2. Controlled protein

In the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, patients need to limit the protein intake because large amounts of protein will burden the kidneys when they break down and produce some wastes. Yet, in the advanced stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, especially Kidney Failure, patient need to increase the intake of high-quality protein intake to supply energy for them.

3. Potassium and phosphorous

How much potassium and phosphorous you can take depends on the levels in the blood. Take a blood test to make sure you are not taking too much of these elements.

4. Vitamins and calories

At any time, vitamins and calories are necessary for you.

Now, you may have a general understanding of diet for people with Chronic Kidney Disease. One more thing, timely treatment is always needed apart from diet. You can get free help on this point by leaving a message below or emailing to

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