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Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Tomato Juice

2014-08-26 07:50

Can Kidney Disease Patients Drink Tomato JuiceCan kidney disease patients drink tomato juice? Well, it is difficult to define whether a certain food or drink is right for them, because cases differ from individuals to individuals. Now, let’s see what the benefits of tomato are and what you should be cautious about when you take tomato juice.

Benefits of tomato juice for kidney disease patients

1. Prevent from complications

Tomato is a perfect vegetable that can help shed excess pounds and control your body weight. Tomato also contains rich vitamin C, rutin, lycopene, and acidity, etc. These minerals are able to help lower serum cholesterol, prevent coronary artery disease, lower high blood pressure and ease swelling. Therefore, drinking moderate tomato juice is good to help treat kidney disease to some extent.

2. Increase urine output

Tomatoes are natural diuretic as they contain abundant potassium and alkaline substances in tomato, which are helpful in promoting the excretion of sodium, and that is beneficial to relieve edema and lower high blood pressure.

3. Improve anemia

Anemia is always associated with iron deficiency, while tomatoes are great sources of iron. So tomato juice is helpful improve anemia.

4. Promote digestion

The organic acids in tomato can promote the excretion of gastric juice, which is helpful in the digestion of fat and protein. And these substances can also improve the gastrointestinal function, which is helpful in the recovery of gastrointestinal diseases. Besides, eating tomato is also helpful in preventing and treating constipation.


As mentioned above, tomato is rich in potassium. Those patients who have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on dialysis are limited to take potassium. Otherwise, irregular heart beat or muscle cramps may occur easily. You should take a blood test to check your potassium level, then your doctor will give you a appropriate diet plan. You can also leave a message below for free help from us.

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