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Will Jackfruit Affect Proteinuria

2014-07-17 09:12

Will Jackfruit Affect ProteinuriaWill jackfruit affect proteinuria? Yes, absolutely. Yet, it does not affect proteinuria directly but by influencing kidneys. Proteinuria occurs because kidney deficiency. People with kidney disease may often experience this symptom. In order to live a healthy life, they have many diet restrictions. Some fruits that are good for healthy people may do harm to them. This article is an general introduction of the effects of jackfruit.

Benefits of jackfruit

Jackfruit contains rich carbohydrate, sugar, protein, starch, vitamins, amino acid, calcium, iron, potassium and various minerals. Those contents are good for boosting your immunity, promoting appetite, preventing blood clots, relieving inflammation and swelling and controlling blood pressure.

Effects of jackfruit on proteinuria

Since proteinuria is caused by damaged kidneys, any fruits that are bad for kidneys will worsen the condition. Jackfruit is of high potassium, which is a necessary but dangerous substance for people with kidney disease. The content of potassium in 100g of jackfruit is 261mg! If the potassium level in the blood is higher than the normal range 3.5-5.0 mEq/L (milliequivalents per liter), it will cause many symptoms like nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, paralysis of stomach, etc. Those complications will in turn cause further damage of the kidneys. Therefore, proteinuria will aggravate. If so, you should limit or even stop eating the sweaty and tasty fruit, no matter how much you love it. For the sake of your own health, you’d better consult your doctor or dietician’s advice.

I have to say that there are many other fruits and vegetables that contain high potassium level. You should pay high attention to what you eat.

In addition, you need also to take a low quantity but high-quality protein intake in order to reduce the burden on kidneys since the kidney has many difficulties in filtering wastes produced by protein metabolism.

Even though diet is important for treating kidney disease, it only takes subsidiary function. Do you want to reduce or even get rid of proteinuria? Taking measures to improve your kidney function. Fortunately, we can help you on this point. You just need to move you fingers and leave a message below. You will get suggestions from us with 48 hours.

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