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Is Lime Juice Safe for Kidneys

2014-07-17 06:50

Is Lime Juice Safe for KidneysMany vegetables or fruits juices are used as natural cleaners to help kidneys filter wastes and toxins. Does it mean that lime juice is safe for kidneys? Let’s take a look the reality.

Benefits of lime juice for kidneys

Lime juice can do good to kidneys if the there is no renal damage. Many fruits and vegetables juices are known as a natural cleaner of the body, and lime juice is no exception. The kidneys are our own natural filtering system, eliminating wastes and toxins produced by metabolism. However, sometimes we do not eat healthy, eat too much sugar, consume too much sodium, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs can cause damage to the kidneys over time. For example, the citric acid in lemon juice or lime juice is helpful for reducing calcium level in the urine which stimulates the formation of kidney stones.

Disadvantages of lime juice for kidneys

Benefits of lime juice show in healthy kidneys. Is lime juice still good for damaged kidneys? Actually, that is not true. Many citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and lime, and so on, are rich in high potassium level, which is bad for those with kidney disease. When the kidney fails to keep the electrolyte balance, abnormal high level of sodium, potassium and phosphorous level occur, resulting in many complications. High serum potassium level will cause abnormal heart rhythm, slow heart rate, and weakness, etc. therefore, lime juice is not safe for damaged kidneys.

Everything has two sides. When condition changes, the good things may do harm to you, just like lime juices to kidneys. In conclusion, you should choose what you eat or drink based on your condition. You can consult your doctor or dietician. If you are still not sure what are safe for you to take, you can also gain help from our online doctors.

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