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Are Chestnuts Suitable For Kidney Disease Patients

2014-05-11 01:02

Are Chestnuts Suitable For Kidney Disease PatientsWe are familiar with chestnuts and chestnuts are usually looked as healthy food due to its nutritions, but whether chestnuts are suitable for kidney disease patients or not. Getting some deeper information about chestnuts will help you have a good understanding.

As we all know, all kidney disease patients should follow a kidney-friendly diet and design a personal diet plan according to specialized conditions. They should avoid some food which can produce too much metabolic wastes in the body. Also, they should absorb some nutritions to satisfy the body needs. Then, what are nutritions of chestnuts? Here we will give you a detailed analysis about chestnuts’ nutritions.

Chestnuts are rich in high-quality protein. Patients can consume chestnuts in right amounts, and high-quality is easy to be absorbed by the body and provide energy. Chestnuts contain a large amount of unsaturated fats which are helpful for lowering blood cholesterol levels and reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease. Carbohydrate is also the main ingredient of chestnuts. It can provide necessary calories. Chestnuts can help repair microscopic holes and leaks in blood vessels and capillaries. It can also help make the vein wall elastic therefore preventing swelling and damage. Besides, chestnuts are the only nuts which are rich in vitamin C which is good for keeping healthy of teeth, bone and vascular muscle.

Up to now, if you think that chestnuts are good for kidney disease patient, you’re wrong. Chestnuts also contain sodium, potassium and phosphorus. For kidney disease patients, their damaged kidney fails to discharge waste products from the body and extra sodium, potassium and phosphorus will accumulate in the body, causing a series of symptoms and complications, such as hypertension, hyperkalemia, etc.

Generally speaking, chestnuts are suitable for kidney disease patients, but it does not mean that all patients can eat them freely. Before eating chestnuts, please consult your dietitian or contact our online doctors online directly for a wise decision.

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