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How Much Water Can CKD Patient Take

2015-11-20 07:23

How Much Water Can CKD Patient TakeWater is always thought to be the most natural cleaner of our body. Eight glasses of water is each day is recommended. However, Chronic Kidney Disease Patients have mild to severe kidney damage and kidneys cannot remove excess fluid adequately. Well then, how much water can CKD patients take?

Facts about water intake

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, nephrologists say that people should follow “water intake equals water output” rule. Plain boiled water is the best choice. Moreover, do no wait to be very thirsty before you drink water. Drinking a little but many times is the best way.

Adults consume 2500ml water daily, including soups, vegetables and fruits. But too much water can damage your body, even lead to poisoning. A great deal of water can lower the kidney filtration ability.

Well then, how much water can Chronic Kidney Disease patients drink? For example, if patient’s urine output is 500ml in 24 hours, he/she can take fluid 1000ml each day. You can send test report to us at

Scientific drinking time

In the morning, drink water moderate water after getting up can replenish the water consumed in the nighttime.

Drinking water, about 1 hour before the three meals, can make the water into histocytes of the whole body, satisfied the water need of the body, ensure the necessary and enough digestive juice to increase the appetite and help the body digest and absorb.

Drinking in the working time can supplement the water which is secreted in working and eliminated through urine, and the waste staying in the body also can be easily secreted owing to the water drinking. It can increase the feeling of fullness to drink a cup of water before leaving the office.

Drinking water two to three hour before sleeping can dilute the blood and stimulate the blood circulation.

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