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The Root Cause of Medical Diseases Is Blood Issue

2014-12-07 08:03

The Root Cause of Medical Diseases Is BloodMany factors can make you sick, including foods you take and some emotions you have. At this time, treatment is needed. But how? Certainly, you should solve the problem from the root. Based on almost 30 years of researches, our experts find that most of medical diseases have one common cause, namely, blood issue.

No matter the obstructed blood circulation or blood pollution, can lead to some problems, which can develop into various medical diseases. For example, high blood sugar level make the increased blood viscosity and flow blood stream, causing kidney damage, diabetic oculopathy, foot problems and ED, etc.

Take kidney disease as another example. It is because the polluted blood due to virus, bacteria, or wastes of metabolism, the kidney activity cannot proceed normally. As a result, many symptom occur.

If you can understand what I mean, you can take right treatment for your problem. However, why do so many people see the recurrence of some symptoms or complications? Because they are only treated to relieve symptoms such as proteinuria.

In general, medicines that can include steroids, immunosuppressants, Tripterygium wilfordii Hook, and ultimately comes dialysis or kidney transplant. However, these treatments have limited effects, since macromolecule toxins cannot be cleared, and kidney function will not be protected, let alone enhanced. That’s why patients see the recurrence of problems after they reducing or stopping taking certain medicines.

To sum up, to deal with your condition, you should take treatment that can purify your blood. In that case, you may as well try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which are natural and effective than over-the-counter medicines. In addition, TCM can be used in the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, unlike other medicines that won’t be used until symptoms occur, but it is relatively late since the kidney function has lost more than 50%.

Except medication, you should also be concerned about your diet and life habit. This is to protect your immune system’s normal activities, thus preventing invasion of bacteria and virus.

No matter what you are faced with, you can get free help from us. Never lose hope, because your are the master of your future!

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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