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Enlarged Hyperechoic Kidneys in Children

2014-11-25 16:00

Enlarged Hyperechoic Kidneys in ChildrenEnlarged hyperechoic echogenicity of the kidney in children has many causes, some of which reflect serious renal disease.

What are enlarged hyperechoic kidneys?

After a ultrasound or MRI test, the major abnormal imaging pattern is the large, diffusely hyperechoic kidney with abnormal architecture.

What are the causes?

Many types of kidney disease can result in enlarged hyperechoic kidneys. Its differential diagnosis includes recessive and dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), glomerulocystic kidney disease, and cystic dysplasia. The family history and ultrasonic screening of the parents and siblings are essential in the evaluation.

Other causes of the enlarged hyperechoic kidneys with abnormal architecture include renal vein thrombosis and congenital Nephrotic Syndrome.

Treatment for hyperechoic kidneys

Traditional treatment for kidney disease are either medicines or surgery. When it develops into End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), patients have no choices but wait for dialysis or kidney transplant.

However, nowadays, kidney disease patients have a new natural treatment. I would like to introduce it to you. For more detailed information or any suggestions, please email to us at or consult our doctors online. The online service is for free.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy originates from traditional hot compress therapy. It can help unlock the obstructed blood vessels, so as to speed up blood circulation. As long as the blood pathways are smooth, enough oxygen and the active ingredients or medicines can be carried to the kidneys. Then, the kidney can repair its damaged renal tissues. Therefore, it is a therapy that can improve kidney function.

Cycle Therapy

This therapy also belongs to traditional Chinese medical treatments. Innovated in Qing Dynasty and has been widely used in China. This therapy uses Chinese herbs that have the function of filtering wastes and toxins. The herbs are micronized and processed. Then put them on certain acupoints of the body to eliminate toxins inside the body. Hence, it is also a natural therapy for detoxification of kidneys.

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